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What Did I Do During My Winter Break?

Image of a woman sleeping

What did I do during my winter break? In the last week of break, I was thinking about what I have learned or how this break has helped me to explore my interests. A one month break from college is really useful for me, and I had many plans for this break, but the most important one was to regain my sleep. Apart from my sleep, I had five important things to do during the break: getting my Python Certification, taking C lessons, writing blogs, meeting old friends, learning HTML, and of course catching up with all the TV shows and movies.


Goal One: getting my Python Entry Level Certification from Python Institute. I have worked on Python during the summer of 2019 and took CS 111 (A Python-based class), and I love python. It is one of the best languages to code because of its syntax and great libraries. This exam would let everyone know that I have a good grip on Python. Immediately after taking my CS 111 Law final exam, the last of the semester, I started preparing for this exam. I took four days to review and write all the sample tests, and took the exam and passed the test. During the entire first week of the semester, my focus was on this exam and I was finally able to do great on the exam.


Goal Two: learning C lessons. Many people might think about why I chose this language and how will this help me. The only reason I started studying C was for my class next semester, CS 141. I always love giving myself a head start in everything so I started learning the syntax from the second week of break, even though it took three weeks to get really comfortable. I started enjoying C just as much as python. I strongly believe C classes, pointers, and Linked Lists were a few of the best concepts I have learned in my lifetime.


Goal Three: Writing Blogs. I needed some time to experiment in my writing. I really didn’t want to sound the same in all of the blogs, so I took time and researched different writing techniques and wrote a few blogs.


Goal Four: Meeting old friends. Finally, after six months, I went back to Naperville North and met some of my old friends, along with a few people outside of school, and had great conversations with my old teachers. I loved these moments.


Goal five: Learning HTML. I always wanted to learn HTML for years, but I have no idea why I never started it. After my web-crawler project in CS 111, I was fascinated with HTML, and now I am happy I completed the course. Now I realize, HTML is nothing without CSS and JavaScript. It's time for new languages!


Winter Break flew by, and I realized time management is not only key during the school year, but it was also very helpful during the break. I was able to sleep more, I did certifications from IBM and Python Institute, I watched a lot of TV shows, and I met so many of my old friends. When you plan your break perfectly, you can enjoy it more and you will always have time to explore your interests more.


Tip: For your next break, divide your time and conquer with success.