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Here’s the Tea (Literally)


As finals are rapidly approaching, many turn to high caffeinated drinks to give them that extra boost while cramming last-minute work. Although I appreciate a cup of coffee as well, the focus here will be primarily on an alternative drink. Here is a small guide to the types of tea for those who want to try something new! Special thanks to my friend Felicity Eschweiler, who is a tea enthusiast, for bringing this idea to me!

1. Earl Grey Tea Heading link

early grey

This blend of black tea and bergamot oil is perfect for a relaxing way to adjust to those early mornings. This tea contains caffeine, which is a great start to the day, especially for those who are not morning people (such as myself). If someone prefers to enhance the citrus flavor, they can choose to add lemon or not.

2. Lemon Tea Heading link

lemon tea

Want the simplicity of a more citrus tea? Then the lemon tea is perfect for you! Lemon teas are another flavorful drink to enjoy, whether you are reading for an upcoming assignment or typing that last paragraph of your essay. The benefits from the lemon that is already present aids in digestion and is also great if you have a cold.

3. Salted Caramel Tea Heading link

fall weather tea

To be honest, I had no idea this flavor existed until it was sent to me by Felicity. It fits perfectly with the transition between fall and winter, and the tea definitely did not disappoint. I had no idea that this would be surprisingly well in taste even though it is salted caramel turned into a liquid form. Drinking this while watching the Halloweentown series sets the bar pretty high for me.

4. Chamomile, Honey, and Vanilla Tea Heading link

chamomile good tea

As the title suggests, you can taste hints of all three ingredients in this type of blend. After a long day, this drink is a great combination of sweetness and flavor, taking your mind off of whatever is stressing you out at that moment. Overall, a soothing taste.

5. Peppermint Tea Heading link


The final tea on this list is peppermint tea. According to several studies, peppermint is confirmed to stimulate mental awareness, making one’s attention span last through long periods of time. This benefit is great for late-night studying and trying to cram information for those upcoming exams. This tea definitely helped me stay awake during the late nights and fight against dozing off. But remember, sleep is still the best for the human body so it is better if one sleeps regularly.

Conclusion Heading link

holidays cocoa

This guide was made for tea lovers and those who are curious about where to begin their tea endeavors. Whichever drink you prefer, just remember to take care of yourself through exam week. Your self worth is not marked by your GPA or class percentile. Hang in there, because winter break is just a breath away!