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Cavetown at the Metro Concert Review


This past Sunday, October 6th, I saw the musician Cavetown live in concert. Additionally, I had the privilege of being apart of the VIP experience called “Cave Club”. The concert was held at the Metro in Wrigleyville, which is an intimate venue mainly performed by indie and alternative artists. 


Cavetown’s music style consists of mainly indie alternative sounds with hints of bedroom pop, also adding in the ukulele in some songs. He is considered a singer-songwriter, as he writes all of his songs himself. His audience is mostly made up of younger people, as he is only 20 years old and his lyrics appeal to a younger crowd. His popularity grew mostly from his YouTube channel, but also music posted on Bandcamp.

Before the show began, I got a VIP experience which only about 30 fans were apart of. The experience included a free tee shirt, a free kazoo, a q&a session, an acoustic performance, an individual meet and greet, and early entrance into the show. For the acoustic performance, he called on three fans to request a song for him to play. He played his songs Devil Town, Juliet, and at my request, Green. As for the individual meet and greet, he generously gave each fan personalized time to speak to him for a minute or two. Also, every fan got to take a picture with him on a Polaroid camera, and then he signed the bottom of the polaroid.


Cavetown had two opening performers for this date of the tour. The first opener goes by the name spookyghostboy, who coincidentally played guitar for Cavetown’s main performance that night. Spookyghostboy makes low-fi, indie music and all of the music he played had a melancholic tone to it. My personal favorite song that he performed was a song called “Just Fine.” The other opener is the artist Field Medic. I would describe his sound as low-fi, indie folk music. My favorite songs his performed were definitely “hello moon” and “uuu.” I thoroughly enjoyed his performance and would definitely go see him live again.


After the opening acts had got done performing, Cavetown finally reached the stage. The set was stunning, filled with various warm-toned lamps, a couch to the side, rugs on the floor of the stage, and even a vintage television displaying videos of his own cat the entire time. The wall/backdrop behind the stage had lots of tiny lights on it, appearing as stars behind him. He performed alongside guitarist spookyghostboy and drummer Allan Cuva, who are also incredible musicians. My favorite performances of the night were the songs Juliet and Just Add Water.

Cavetown’s setlist:

  1. Hug All Ur Friends
  2. Lemon Boy
  3. Green
  4. Feb 14
  5. Just Add Water
  6. Juliet
  7. This Is Home
  8. You’ve Got A Friend In Me (Cover)
  9. Things That Make It Warm (Unreleased)
  10. Telescope
  11. Snail (Unreleased)
  12. Empty Bed (Unreleased)
  13. Devil Town
  14. Talk To Me
  15. Boys Will Be Bugs
  16. Fool (Encore)


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